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Vida Mobility Friendly

Vida recognise that many homeowners have varying needs regarding accessibility and usability of their homes both now and in the future.

Whether there is a current need, or a desire to future-proof your home for changing needs, Vida aim to provide design options that enable you to enjoy your home well into the future.

A Vida 'Mobility Friendly' home provides:

  • Flat level entry to external doors/decks
  • Raised power points throughout (450mm above floor level)
  • Wider doors (860mm) and hallways (1200mm in key access areas)
  • Generous bathroom design that incorporates space for mobility turning circles, assisted personal care, and level entry wet area showers
  • Over-height toilets (435mm seat height)
  • Identified fixing-nogs installed in walls for immediate, or future, handrail installation (bathrooms, toilets, entry points)
  • Full hydraulic lifts in two storey homes

Vida currently have several homes already designed to our Mobility Friendly standard

We are happy to evaluate our other designs for Mobility friendly suitability on request.